Pretoria – The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa has confirmed that President Cyril Ramaphosa is in self-quarantine. According to the Presidency, President Cyril Ramaphosa has begun a period of self-quarantine following the positive COVID-19 diagnosis of a guest at a dinner attended by the President on Saturday, 24 October 2020.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

The event for 35 guests was held at a Johannesburg hotel where Foundation guests were the only people hosted by the establishment. In a stateement released by the President’s office, the said even was fundraising dinner of the Adopt-a-School Foundation, which is in partnership with the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation.

The Foundation became aware of this development and communicated this to guests yesterday, hours after the President had performed the unveiling of a statue of liberation icon OR Tambo and the official opening of a new Radisson hotel and convention centre in Ekurhuleni in the morning. It is said that the Adopt-a-School Foundation advised dinner guests yesterday, Tuesday, 27 October, that a guest had shown symptoms on Sunday and had been tested on Monday before receiving a positive result yesterday.

The President is screened regularly by the South African Military Health Service and subjects himself to screening at venues where he participates in engagements. Presidency advised that the President is showing no symptoms at this time and will, in line with COVID-19 health advice, be tested should symptoms manifest.

The President wished the guest that attended the fundraising dinner of the Adopt-a-School Foundation, who is receiving medical attention, a safe and speedy recovery, and wishes other guests good health.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will perform his duties remotely and will observe the guidelines that apply to self-quarantine.


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