South Africans echoed praises to Durban business woman, Busisiwe “Mabusi” Seme, for standing up against another business woman, Nonku Williams, on The Real Housewives of Durban.

Fans of the television show expressed that Nonku has always undermined Mabusi since the airing of the show with the cast.

In the famous episodes that is currently trending on social media, Nonku arranged a trip to Cape Town, and told everyone to gather by the pool so that she can welcome them officially to the trip and handover the room keys. In the process, Mabusi was the last to receive and was told that her key was forgotten.

Mabusi got offended because the type of treatment is historical. Firstly, she was denied flowers at Kgomotso’s even and even Nonku claimed that they did not come together.

At Nonku’s wine launch, everyone got gifts for attending the launch besides Mabusi. Even worse, she was once called a weave snatcher.

Whenever Mabusi tries to address the disrespect towards her, the ladies always gangs up against her to ensure that she is dismissed.

Nonku claimed that she was joking and even apologized through flowers and chocolates, yet Mabusi stood her ground. She accepted the apology with the disclaimer that she will now create boundaries between herself and Nonku.

Social media came out in defense of Mabusi and even praised her for her posture towards the situation.

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