Every woman is born beautiful in their own unique way and a source of confidence for women. It is not only about a woman’s self-esteem or about impression, but the ability to design the look that gives you confidence as a woman.

Applying make-up is a way for us to express the way we feel. The same way men can wear different ties to express different feelings, women can also use make-up for that purpose.

Photo: Bonolo Botsime.

In a simple sense, make-up is used as a beauty aid to help build up self-esteem and confidence of many women. For me as a woman, being able to beat that face and looking so pretty afterwards releases extra endorphins for the day and just brings out the glow. Make-up does not define who I am, or who we are as women, and I believe that it does not make them less of their worth nor pride.

Additionally, make-up is an art, and art is expressed in many forms. Personally, to me make-up is therapeutic, being able to draw those eyebrows and complement one’s face based on the shape, size, colour and technique, and it is simply amazing.

Just imagine having a 99-colour palette and creating an eyeshadow using six different shades and they harmonize each other so beautifully. Colourful days deserves colour, and make-up gives a woman the ability to do just that…

Some women went to beauty school to acquire such a skill and to some it comes naturally. Thanks to online tutorials on platforms such as Youtube, and social media platforms, women are able to share the art and for some tutorials affords the opportunity to earn a living out of the art.

Women still find themselves being criticized for using make-up, but at the end of the day, it is all about you as an individual and no one else, so wear it with pride. Make-up is an art bagaetsho!



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